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Greece Overnight Stay Tax

From 1 January 2018, you MUST pay an Overnight Stay Tax which has been introduced by the Greek Ministry of finance and aims to enhance the State’s revenue in the context of the current fiscal adjustment programme. This will be collected from you when you get to your accommodation.

One- and two-key furnished rooms/apartments or houses will be charged 0.25 euros, three-key furnished rooms/apartments 0.50 euros and four-key furnished rooms/apartments 1,00 euro.

ROMANZA VILLAS are an official four keys and the amount to be collected will be one 1,00 Euros per night per person

When and how to pay:

You’ll be asked to pay the tax when you check-in at the Romanza Villas ‘

Why do you have to pay:

The tax is something new and specifically aimed at tourists. It’s a cost beyond our control. It’s a Government imposed tax that has to be paid when you stay in accommodation in Greece. We understand this cost is something you probably weren’t expecting to pay and are sorry the Government has decided to bring this in so quickly.